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You Can Count on Us for Stellar Representation

Throughout Green Bay, WI, and the surrounding areas, Froelich Law Group has delivered a personalized brand of legal services that prioritizes results. We compassionately represent our clients and dedicate ourselves to successfully defending their rights in court. Our track record speaks for itself. You can trust us to take your case and fiercely advocate for your behalf. Whether we are defending you in federal court against criminal charges or handling your divorce, you can count on unparalleled protection from our attorney. We believe in sincerity and service and work tirelessly to follow through on our promises.

As A Seasoned Attorney, I Am Ready to Protect Your Rights

Our firm has a solid understanding of all facets of criminal, personal injury, and divorce law. Our expertise enables us to handle complicated cases with ease. Whether you face serious criminal charges or are involved in fraught divorce proceedings, we can help. No other firm will work harder for your interests, and no other attorney will be as compassionate, professional, and dedicated to your case. We believe it is essential for a lawyer to protect your rights and needs fiercely. Our attorney, Christopher Froelich, dedicates himself to each client, ensuring they receive the representation they deserve in our justice system.

Schedule a Consultation With Christopher Froelich

Our legal services begin with a consultation, during which we will assess your case and provide our recommendations on legal strategies. We are upfront about our impressions of your situation and what we think the best-case outcome may be. Once you hire us, you can expect Christopher and his team to act swiftly and file the proper paperwork in court to begin proceedings. You can rely on him to handle your case from beginning to end with all the professionalism you deserve.

Choose a Lawyer Who Is Ready to Go to Court for You