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Coming to terms with the fact that your marriage has ended in a disheartening divorce in Wisconsin may be enough to cause you angst and distraction. Realizing that now, your children have taken the side of your narcissistic spouse and refuse to communicate with you can leave you feeling defeated and hopeless. At Froelich Law Offices, we are experienced in dealing with divorce and are committed to helping you through your current challenges.

You may not notice right away that your children are beginning to change their opinion of you and your story. In fact, the manipulation of their other parent may be discreet and strategic to make it appear as though you are misunderstanding your children or are actually the individual responsible for the fact that your children are beginning to distance themselves from you. However, the reality is the settle or not-so-settle undermining of your spouse could be triggering beliefs in your children that are influencing their opinion of you despite a clear lack of hard evidence that anything they are being told is true.

According to, coping with this difficult challenge can be supported when you remember and implement a few important behaviors including the following:

  • Be as resilient as you can. This may require the help of professional therapists who can help you see through the misconceptions and remain strong despite the rumors and lies that may be circulating about you.  
  • Maintain a realistic perspective of your life and future. Refrain from believing everything you hear about yourself. Be realistic about what is actually happening and remember that your commitment to truth and integrity will pay dividends. 
  • Refuse to go into defense mode. Your children do not need your approval if it is being required at the demands of manipulation. You do not need to defend your stance or opinions to anyone, especially your own children.

When you understand how to react when your integrity is in question and your children are turning against you, you may be able to keep this challenge from destroying your life and self-confidence. For more information, if you are getting divorced, visit our web page.