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How Do TBIs Alter Behaviors?

Brain injuries can impact victims in many surprising ways. In fact, the field of study surrounding brain injuries and their various effects on victims is a constantly expanding and evolving one.

One area of major study involves the way TBIs – traumatic brain injuries – impact victims in specific relation to their behaviors. Can a TBI actually change a person’s personality?

Pact From Frontal Lobe Injuries

CDC Injury Center discusses the alteration of behaviors after head injuries. Generally speaking, the alteration of a person’s behavior depends on factors like the area of the brain that suffered from an injury, the health of the victim, and the severity of the incident.

For example, injuries to the frontal lobe will often affect a victim’s impulse control, because the frontal lobe helps contain said impulses. Many TBI victims will also experience a shift in temperament, with many growing easier to agitate or quicker to come to anger.

Combined, these victims may lash out at people with greater ease. This can include loved ones, who often quote these mood changes as being some of the hardest changes to deal with. Many exclaim that they do not even recognize the victim anymore.

Struggles With Stress

Some also struggle with their ability to cope with emotional difficulties and stressors. Even small stress can stack up quickly, inducing emotional breakdowns or anxiety or panic attacks. This could potentially threaten a victim’s overall employability, which is just one of many reasons why it is important for victims to seek financial compensation after their accident. It can help cover medical costs, and quick, proper medical care is one of the best steps toward recovery.