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How Long Do Back Injuries Take to Heal?

Back pain is the leading cause of employees taking time off of their jobs in the modern American workforce. Back pain can come about due to many different reasons, including injuries at the job or other health issues.

One of the biggest issues with back injuries and pain is the potential duration, though. Exactly how long do back injuries take to heal?

What Affects Back Injury Healing Times?

VeryWell Health takes a look at back injuries. Of course, back injuries have a wide variety in healing time depending on various factors. Contributing factors can include the health of the victim, the location of the injury and the amount of damage done.

Certain back injuries can take days to heal properly. Other, more severe back injuries can take months or even years for a victim to fully recover. Needless to say, this can cause a major problem for workers who rely on their mobility and strength to get their job done.

Why Is It a Problem?

However, even the mildest of injuries pose a problem for workers. Many employees do not have the sick leave or vacation time needed to take a proper break from their work in order to let their back heal. This can cause them to return to work too early, re-injuring their back and lengthening the overall time they must take off.

This can create a major financial problem, too. The more time a worker takes off, the less pay they get. At the same time, they will face many medical expenses due to the cost of recovery. This is why back injury sufferers may want to seek legal aid to see what their options are.