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During the divorce process, you need to review many factors, depending on the individual aspects of your marriage. Unfortunately, some people struggle with false allegations of wrongdoing, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. These claims could have a severe impact on your life in many ways, from your reputation to your ability to spend time with your kids.

If your ex is alleging that you abused them or your children in any way and the allegations are baseless, you need to immediately explore your options and take steps to protect your future. Gather as much evidence as you can, focus on your mental health and do not let your ex manipulate you.

What Are Some Examples of Abuse?

A guidebook published by the Wisconsin Court System provides an overview of spousal abuse, domestic violence involving children and the impact of these allegations. Wisconsin courts recognize various examples of domestic abuse, such as sexual assault, causing physical pain or injuries, threats, property damage, stalking and psychological abuse. In some instances, abuse involves certain financial issues, such as allegations of controlling one’s access to money.

What Are the Consequences of False Abuse Claims?

The Wisconsin Court System outlines some of the consequences of these claims. For example, when the court finds that a parent sexually or physically abused a family member, the other parent is far more likely to secure sole custody. Depending on the outcome of an investigation, other consequences could arise. For example, you could face time behind bars and struggle with the impact of a restraining order. Career problems, a shattered reputation and high levels of stress also affect many people falsely accused of abuse.