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How Does a Criminal Charge Affect Your Financial Health?

After making an unfortunate decision, you had an encounter with Wisconsin law enforcement and now face criminal charges. You may wonder how this affects your monetary health.

Money Crashers explores how having a criminal record reflects on your finances. Learn what to expect on the financial road ahead.

Court Costs

Aside from the cost of hiring a legal representative, you may also have to pay court costs. Specific court fees include court-ordered supervision, leaving or entering jail, and paying record keepers and court clerks. A judge could enforce additional penalties and fines.

Employment Costs

If you must take time off work to make court dates, you could lose your job. Employers have the right to fire at-will employees for reasons the law does not protect, such as missing work because of police questioning.

Should you lose your job, that could mean having an even harder time covering court fines, penalties and costs. If you must obey probation terms, you may need a job to remain compliant.

Additional Monetary Costs

If you received a DUI, you could lose your license and driving privileges. Without a car, you may have trouble traveling to and from work, which could further jeopardize your employment. If you lose your driving privileges and your job, it could become hard to find a new position, especially with a criminal record. Even worse, not having a job or car or the financial means to pay court fees could result in even more fees and more criminal charges.

You deserve to know how to create a resiliency plan after facing criminal charges. When you have all the facts, you may find it easier to make well-informed choices for your life.