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Infidelity is a major issue. While physical affairs are most damaging, emotional affairs are equally so. These affairs do not involve physical contact, but they can still destroy the trust you had in your partner.

As explained by Psychology Today, emotional affairs break down the relationship between spouses. They are also accompanied by many signs, which indicate you should take a closer look at your marriage.

Changes in Appearance

Improving one’s appearance is often a good thing. However, when a person is in a new relationship, they can experience a renewed interest in looks and grooming. Your spouse may suddenly secure a gym membership, shop for new clothes, and take great care in grooming before work.

Increased Secrecy

Some people value their privacy more than others. A problem arises when your spouse is suddenly secretive when they were not before. When spouses are concealing something from their partners, they often guard their cell phone or laptops. They may change passwords or delete browser histories. They will also try to hide their comings and goings as much as possible.

Emotional Issues

Unfaithful spouses often try to place blame on their partners for their affairs. They may become overly critical of you or experience irritation at things that never bothered them before. They may spend less time with you or have little to say when you are together. If you notice harmful changes between you, go with your gut feeling.

Of course, all couples are unique. The above signs may not apply to you and your relationship. And even if emotional cheating is a factor, it is possible to mend and grow stronger as a couple. However, if your spouse is unable or unwilling to stop the affair, divorce may be an option to explore.