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From car accidents to domestic animal attacks, there are several ways that a person in Wisconsin may suffer an injury that is someone else’s fault. We often take the blame for accidents and say that an injury is our own fault, but injuries or deaths caused by other people’s actions or inactions are difficult to take and often require justice through compensation.

Workplace injuries and deaths are rare since the U.S. Occupational and Safety Administration (OSHA) and its Madison counterpart regulate conditions that cause excessive risk. The federal agency recently leveled the highest fine possible against a pair of utility contractors after they struck underground gas lines and caused an explosion that claimed the life of a Sun Prairie firefighter.

The out-of-state contractors ignored a warning to call a diggers’ hotline before breaking ground to make repairs. There were no criminal charges leveled after the incident, but an investigation showed that a miscommunication between contractors and subcontractors caused the fatal accident.

The community banded together to mourn the loss of the firefighter, who also owned and operated a bar that was destroyed in the explosion. Although the community has committed itself to support the victim’s wife and children, the family may feel the need to claim financial damages for the loss of the husband and father.

Victims of workplace accidents and other accidents that were someone else’s fault may claim restitution to help with recovery or loss. An attorney can help victims and their families review the possible options offered by civil law and make a claim for damages after an injury or death.