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Many physical and emotional health problems experienced by people may stem from or be exacerbated by stress, either directly or indirectly.

According to WebMD, stress may increase blood pressure, anxiety, inflammation and more. In addition, stress may contribute to people making lifestyle choices that directly contradict what would be deemed healthy for them, such as excessive overeating or smoking.

Divorce and Stress

Many life experiences create or result from stressful situations, including the end of marriage. indicates that some research conducted at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found divorcing or divorced persons to have an increased chance of experiencing limited or difficult physical mobility as well as chronic health problems.

MarketWatch reported that the Annals of Behavioral Medicine published details of research showing a correlation between reduced physical activity and divorce. The same research connected an increase in smoking with divorce.

Mental Health and Divorce

The Journal of Applied Social Psychology featured details of a study in which people who had experienced bouts of depression prior to a divorce had an elevated risk of relapsing into depression again during or after a divorce.

Stressful Marriages and Health

The research into the connection between stress and divorce also noted that some marriages or relationships may create such stressful environments as to be harmful to a person’s health just like the divorce experience may.

Every marriage and every divorce are unique and each spouse or couple must navigate their own needs and health to determine how best to take care of themselves in the face of difficult or stressful times.