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There are a number of less common car crash risk factors that may need to be carefully considered by drivers and passengers in certain circumstances. For example, if those riding in a vehicle become stranded on the road, they may have a higher chance of being involved in a traffic collision and they should watch out. Drivers become stranded for a host of reasons, whether their car breaks down, they run out of gas while on the road or they cannot continue driving for some reason. Unfortunately, they may be struck by a careless driver who is not paying attention or driving too fast.

When someone has to pull over or finds themselves unable to continue driving because they ran out of gas, for example, they should immediately turn on their hazard lights. While this can help alert other drivers and prevent an accident, nothing can completely eliminate the risk of being struck by another vehicle. Moreover, the winter months can be especially dangerous for people in some parts of the country when they become stranded. Not only can cold weather cause concerns, but poor road conditions may make it more difficult for drivers to avoid a car that is stranded or pulled over for whatever reason. Drivers may also become stranded in the winter when their vehicle gets stuck in the snow.

If you are stuck on the road, you may be hit from behind by another vehicle while you are in your car. Or, you may be struck by another driver while you are standing or walking. This could create a host of problems for you, and you may need to consider legal action.