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Sometimes, people hurt themselves by accident. If the consequences are light, it’s easy enough to write off the event as a life lesson. But it can be harder to get over an injury or death that was caused by someone else.

Personal injuries or wrongful deaths, the legal term for fatal incidents for which someone else is liable, can happen in a variety of situations. Traffic accidents and animal attacks are both common reasons for injuries grave enough to justify seeking financial damages. Workplace accidents may be complicated, since individuals, as well as organizations, may be responsible for the unsafe conditions that caused or contributed to the accident.

A 42-year-old worker from Des Moines, Iowa, died after an injury he reportedly suffered at work in a factory in Altoona, Iowa. The accident happened in the early morning at a facility manufacturing accessories for recreational vehicles. The victim’s sister reports he died at a regional hospital an hour after being crushed in a machine.

The sister said the victim had been at his job for around two years. Although accidents are more common with younger and less experienced workers, they can happen to anyone, especially when safety is not a priority. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and its state counterpart in Madison regulate safety requirements and can provide more information.

Victims of personal injuries or the survivors of people who suffered a wrongful death may seek financial damages to reimburse them for related expenses. They may also seek compensation for emotional distress or loss of companionship. An attorney can assist people with the complicated issues connected to liability.