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Assets You May Need to Research and Account For in Your Divorce

Since Wisconsin is a community property state, the property division phase of your divorce will focus on a 50-50 split of your marital assets.

The court will base the actual division on fairness, and you want to ensure that all assets are out on the table including some that do not immediately come to mind. Here are three to consider.


Does your spouse have a job with the state or federal government? If so, there will be a pension to include in your list of assets. Remember that businesses in other industries also provide pensions to their employees. This is future income that, if earned during the years of your marriage, faces a split during property division.

Restricted Stock

Restricted stock is often part of the financial package for a corporate employee in an executive-level position. It is deferred compensation that a company can structure in many different ways. For example, if your spouse owns restricted stock, it may represent the length of employment, individual performance or even company performance.


Do you know whether your spouse has invested in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? If so, it may be hard to trace. Your soon-to-be-ex may either hold it individually or through an investment company. It is a new kind of investment and prone to volatility.

Professional Help

You may need to include professionals on your legal team who can perform valuations on items like cryptocurrency or pensions. Both you and your attorney should have the latest information on every marital asset as you approach the property division stage of your divorce.