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Is Pain the Only Side Effect of Physical Injury?

Unexpected physical injuries can cause a ripple effect of change, challenge and uncertainty. While physical pain appears the most obvious consequence, other damages can cause ongoing stress.

Knowing some of the ways that a physical injury may disrupt your life can help you prepare for the challenges you may face.

Loss of Independence

Most physical injuries will impact your mobility in one way or another. Even if temporary, restricted mobility may inhibit your independence. Not having the ability to move or participate in your normal activities may prevent you from working. You may need to file a workers’ compensation claim or petition support agencies for disability assistance.

Restricted movement could impair your ability to drive and help out around the house. Depending on your family dynamic, your injury may cause a shift in responsibilities which could affect your relationships. Not having the same level of activity could affect your mental and emotional health as well.

Psychological Strain

Your physical injury may create uncertainty as you try to figure out how to modify your life through recovery. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, your physical injury could trigger mental illnesses including PTSD, depression and anxiety. These conditions could disrupt your focus and your ability to stay positive and optimistic about your recovery and your future.

Physical injuries caused because of the negligence of other people may only worsen your situation. Relying on legal professionals to help you advocate for your rights may give you a winning shot at getting compensation to offset damages related to your injury.