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Thousands of couples across the United States and here in Wisconsin deal with the difficulties of divorce every year. However, for every couple that goes through a divorce, there are likely several children going through the process as well. It is important for parents to take a hard look at how they are going to assist their children through the divorce process. According to Kids’ Health, minimizing disruptions to your child’s routine is key to helping smooth the divorce process.

If it is at all possible and the divorce is amicable enough, you and your ex-partner are going to want to come up with a co-parenting plan as early as possible. Depending on the age of your child, it might be wise to involve them in the process and make sure that their opinions are heard and respected. Additionally, if you can keep your child in the same house and school district, this is ideal. One of the biggest fears that many children have associated with divorce is that it is going to turn their entire lives upside down.

In some cases, this may be inevitable, such as when a newly-single parent is not able to keep up on the mortgage payments on the old house. However, if it is at all possible to keep the children in their original residence, every effort should be made to do this.

In terms of co-parenting, having a clear plan for time-sharing and exchange is key to making sure the process is smooth. In the event that having the drop-off occur at a private residence is unpalatable for the parents or too emotional, it is a good idea to do the exchange at a public venue, such as a coffee shop or restaurant.