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Driving drunk is a serious offense in all 50 states, given how dangerous it can be for the driver of the car and others. However, even though DUIs are handed out across the country, the specific penalties for DUI depend on the state where the driver is caught. If you are a first-time offender with a DUI in Wisconsin, it is important to know that the State of Wisconsin has a number of severe penalties that will ensue.

The first consequence that can come from drunk driving is a license suspension of between six and nine months, depending on the nature of the offense. Most first-time offenders will then have to pay a fine between $100 and $300. On top of this fine (which is determined by the courts), the offender will have to pay an additional $365 OWI surcharge.

Depending on the BAC of the offender at the time of the arrest, the State of Wisconsin may require an ignition interlock device to be installed on the offender’s vehicle. This means that every time the offender wishes to drive, he or she must blow into the device to prove that there is no alcohol in his/her system or the car will not start. There will also be mandatory drug and alcohol assessments, and much higher insurance requirements.

Additionally, the offender will need to pay an extra $200 fine when he or she goes to get his/her driver’s license reinstated at the end of the suspension period.

It is also important to know that all of these penalties can double in severity if there is a minor in the car that is under 16.