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Once your marriage is in the past, you no longer have the same type of relationship as you once did with your ex-spouse. However, if you’re co-parenting with this person, it’s critical to treat them with respect and do your best to get along.

Here are three things you should never say to your ex-spouse:

  • “You don’t care about the kids.” Even if your ex isn’t living up to their end of the parenting agreement, there’s no need to call them out. Instead, if it’s hindering your legal rights and harming your children, learn more about requesting a modification.
  • “It was all your fault.” Now that you’re divorced, there’s no time to dwell on the past. Regardless of your feelings, don’t bring up the past. Telling your ex that they caused your divorce will likely result in an argument, which isn’t healthy for you or your children.
  • “I don’t have to take this from you.” Rather than say this, take action. You’re right, you don’t have to deal with your ex any longer. You may have to co-parent, but that doesn’t mean you have to communicate with them on a personal level.

Even though you’ll have many emotions running through your body, saying these things to your ex-spouse will complicate your life and make it more difficult to provide your children with the upbringing they deserve.

If things get really bad between the two of you, review your parenting and visitation agreement with the idea of requesting a modification from the court that ordered it. You can then let the court decide what to do next.